Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh, hello again

I heard that the more a blogger blogs, the higher the blog will appear on a Google search. Well, perhaps if someone searches for 'green nails pink hands' and I blog as much as possible, it might get noticed. But I actually don't really mind. If I wrote this blog for others, I'd have given up by now. Oh, right, about that, I'm stopping...


No, I'm not, but I do have better things to do such as *ahem* Sims 3. Oh, and I do go out and do productive things sometimes, too.

I've pretty much hated most of today. My parents moved everything in my room to clean it, but I don't really like other people messing with my things so much. It makes me look forward to having my own house all the more.

WOW I have 61 page views and only about 7 of those were from me. So, wow. Someone's looking. Wow.

Guess what I relish? The fact that I have less than a year left at my somewhat crappy, quite chavvy school.

Also very wow, the fact that if one types 'green nails pink hands', my blog is the fourth result :D

I've been to London three times this holiday, but I would never get bored of it. I'm going somewhere in the south of this country fairly soon. Hmm, countryside. I try to avoid countryside.

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