Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh... Just, oh

Admittedly, I'm thrilled to be out of uniform and free from the realms of black and white clothing. But this does mean that I must now start clothes shopping. Hmm...

I'm not a natural shopper. I enjoy looking at clothes, and I have no problem with spending money, but it's mainly the trying-on process that puts me off the idea. As a result, I haven't bought clothes (excluding pyjamas, school uniform and a few pieces that my mother got me when I had almost none left and was about to go to Spain) for two years and four months. Yes, really.

Whenever I venture into town (which was a rare occurrence this academic year), after eating I ususally head straight for the toiletry shops e.g. Lush, L'Occitane et al. When I do spend money, most goes on friends' birthday presents (which I really must buy soon), nice-smelling soaps, shower gels, bath products, cleansers etc. or books and magazines. Not that I'll have to fork out for clothes, anyway - I've saved my parents an awful lot of money due to my lack of clothes shopping, so I think they'll have to make up for it.

Most would surely be excited about a major clothes-shop. I, however, am not.

Not 'je suis fini' - I'm not dead

Well, that's it - 11.5 GCSEs, plus many miscellaneous qualifications, done. But I've kind of gone into a state of shock. I watched TV for over an hour in one go today, even after I'd finished eating, and it felt so strange. It was almost as if I was having withdrawal symptoms due to a lack of revision. I really don't know what I'm going to do this summer.

Actually, I suppose I do, a bit. My father came up to me the other day and said 'Abby, we're going to Alton Towers whether you like it or not!' Well, luckily I do. I haven't been for five years and at that stage I was only brave enough to go on the mildly scary rides like Corkscrew and the Spinball Whizzer. But now I feel a little more valiant, so my father and I will face the queues and take on some of the theme park's more intense offerings. After all, what could be more fun than experiencing a force four and a half times your natural weight?

Other planned summer events include numerous trips to London, a visit to Frome and perhaps even a short break in Paris and/or Marseille (j'adorerais avoir une occasion de parler le fran├žais en France, bien s├╗r!) I'd also like to see Avenue Q again, for the fifth time! Actually, I happen to be listening to the soundtrack right now.