Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's not difficult

People should probably just get over the fact that I'm stubborn. And that's it. Sometimes my opinions might momentarily sway upon receiving new information, but ultimately I'm steadfast in certain views. There are many things in this world that I'm unsure of, but there are those things that I just know and it would take a tremendous effort to persuade me otherwise. Being agnostic is one of these occasions. However, I do seem to be edging towards atheism as time goes on.

Pertaining to my fixed opinions is the recent HPV vaccine supposedly preventing cervical cancer. I wrote a long post on why my mother and I refused the opportunity for me to receive the vaccine. In short, research has only been conducted on the vaccine for about 5 years. That's approximately as long as the production of The Sims 3. Long term effects are unknown. It's just worrying and I don't want something put in my body unless I can be completely sure that it will be beneficial and safe.

Yesterday a girl died soon after having the HPV vaccine. It's impossible to ascertain the cause of her death until the post-martem examination of Tuesday. However, if she did die as a result of the vaccine, she is not the only one. And for this to happen to even one girl is one to many.

I was debating for quite a while as to whether I should have had the vaccine and I've not ruled it out completely, even now, but this latest case does reassure me that I may have done the right thing for me at least.

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