Friday, September 24, 2010

Things that have changed since the last post:

  • I've started sixth-form college properly
  • I've changed from A-Levels to the IB
  • I've eaten sushi recently
  • I've seen Swan Lake
  • I've tried a cheese layered salad - and enjoyed it
  • I've become ill for the first time in five months (that must be a record!)
  • I've made vanilla and Nutella cupcakes
  • I've been walking 15-20 minutes, not 2 minutes, to school
  • I've talked to boys(!)
  • I've missed my secondary school in ways I never imagined I would
  • I've discovered the Starbucks five minutes away from school (thanks, Sara!)
  • I've seen 'Sweet Lovers' Plums' - and plan to buy some
  • I've completed a practical in Chemistry without screaming/jumping/standing a metre away from the bunsen burner
  • I've seen the boy at school who wears a suit everyday
  • I've introduced myself to dozens of different people
  • I've developed a penchant for the Drench drinks sold at school
  • I haven't stopped calling my 'college' a school - if I'm learning, it's a school!

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