Sunday, November 1, 2009


Next year, I want to dress up properly. Not just a mask or prop - the full thing. I haven't done this much, the only time I did was for Sam's birthday one year where I dressed up as a cow, udder et al.

I don't know what I'll dress up as, but it won't be a cliche Halloween thing.

Anyway, yesterday was fun. Sam got an iPhone for his birthday so we basically played on that the whole day. The chocolate cake I made for him went down very well, but some people took huge slices and felt sick. We watched some weird Christian cartoons, shopping channels and then a bit of the X Factor on his iPhone. I really want one and I do need a phone, so perhaps after my GCSEs I shall get one. I have enough money for it and I haven't even asked for my birthday present for this year yet (my birthday was in May).

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  1. I usually start planning my halloween costumes some time around June, but never follow through with it. Perhaps next year I should put more effort in to actually getting a costume. Then again, I didn't need to this year anyway because Shannon's sleepover had a theme for the costumes anyway.