Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So, Barcelona...

It was highly enjoyable, however:
  • The room at the hostel housed six people and was incredibly small with only one bathroom, making the whole living experience unpleasant
  • We walked almost everywhere, taking the Metro only occasionally, so I spent 6-8 hours a day on foot and consequently I'm now limping
  • I felt a bit isolated for part of the trip, but I went to join a different group of friends and then it all got so much better
And though we were supposed to return home at around 1 am on Tuesday morning, our 8 o' clock flight was cancelled so we had to spend another night. At first I panicked - I'd really been looking forward to going home - but then Easyjet provided us with a rather luxurious, four-star hotel which was a stark contrast to the ghastly living conditions in the hostel, so that whole experience turned out to be rather wonderful in the end. I unabashedly declare that the hotel stay turned out to be the highlight of the visit.

Sorry Sara - there was no chocolate turron! It must be a Christmas thing...

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