Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Could I be a brand?

Some slogan ideas from Slogan Maker:

Abby for high quality
Start your day with Abby
Abby is your freedom
Nobody does it like Abby
It's miracle in the rain, it's Abby
Be funny with Abby
Abby for every day
Abby is rolling, the others are stoned
Abby enjoy it
Famed for Abby
Soft and silky as Abby
Abby is the only way to be happy
Abby shot from guns
Abby for every walk in life
Everything for Abby
Abby the real obsession
The art of Abby
Abby is easy
Abby is a female force
Abby can do
Abby is be lovelier to love
Abby you can trust
Abby you like it
Abby is blended
Abby - the natural way
Abby for a long career
Abby makes you better
Abby is the door to success
Abby is a legend
Abby & more
The Spirit of Abby

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