Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hershi, you'll be pleased to know...

I certainly do not plan to be an English teacher. I can't handle the ambiguity. Oh, and Welsh Board, please, I beseech you, pardon my heinous mistake of using emotive language to describe an equally emotive and imagery-laden piece. (Hopefully you'll detect the sarcasm in that last sentence)

Well, all I can say is despite my marking failure, at least I'm past the phase when I was so worried about offending anyone that I would give any piece of work near-full marks. Peer marking does not work - it simply shames and deprecates others.

Oh, and one more little thing - I don't usually ask for a consistent approach to education, but I must admit that it would be nice sometimes. Just last week, I was told to throw as much knowledge and explanation that I could muster into all answers in Science, yet in English Language my demise is constantly my excessive justification. I just like to be thorough, and I feel unable to leave anything unattended to.

The only consolation is that now I'm certain of what to do. Despite the question in question being a 'What are your impressions...?' affair, I must only focus on the physical entities for such texts and leave the emotive language in my ranting drawer.

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  1. Peer marking is, if you'll excuse my language, a load of bullshit. Everybody has different standards when it comes to interpreting the mark scheme and despite what Mrs Cowling thinks, the whole "marking answers already done about the leaflet" thing really is no way of telling how much we understand the work. I'd much rather do the actual answer. One thing's for sure, I'll be so glad to drop English when I go to college.