Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It's strange how I tend to forget what it's like to be ill now, but then when an illness jumps on me I'm dragged down even more into the depths of its misery.

This academic year, I've only been ill three times - one Swine flu-type thing, one bad normal flu which involved my voice disappearing before the Spanish Oral exam, and now this. Mainly a cold, but with the side-effect of constant fatigue. I'd liken it to having miniature weights attached to my eyelids rendering me practically unable to keep my eyes fully open.

However, this is nothing. This is a minor illness that will pass in days and will leave me feeling nothing more than relieved in the end. I'm lucky, I know it. Even in the years when I had a poor immune system, it was minute compared to Lucy's condition. I can't complain about whatever ailment I may be suffering at the moment, for suffering is not the word. Lucy is the one suffering; I'm incredibly fortunate to not be in incessant, unbearable pain.

So, now I put things into perspective. I have no right to complain.

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