Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Perhaps this is beyong my comprehension, but...

Why do girls on the chav scale feel the compulsion to pose in photos by squating as if they're pooing? I could handle the mirror picture, I could even just about bare the 'Cos we're cool' caption, but this is the point where I grab my ball point pen, place a crisp piece of paper on the floor and draw the line.

Of course, this trend is only enhanced by the Tippex and Sharpie eyeliner and pastry-flaking of a smashed silver discoball, otherwise known as glitter eyeshadow. Well, let's give them some privacy if they're in squatting position ready to 'do their business' (as a prude might say), shall we?

1 comment:

  1. Oddly enough the pictures they take have never bothered me much. It's more the way they write that melts my brain. I could just about get my head around txt tlk if it speeds up the process of sending a message, but when they're writing stuff like "yooh" instead of "you" it makes it longer and looks rediculous. I just don't understand it. O_o