Sunday, January 24, 2010

If we were perpetual...

Then I'd tell you everything, literally everything, that I love about London. Well, we're not so I'll try to shorten that a bit, but anyway:

  • As soon as you get off the train, you immediately feel part of something bigger and better than yourself, like your future
  • You're never stuck for food - if you want chips and green tea at the same time, you can have it
  • Everyone's busy, constantly occupied, and that's how I like it
  • It has nearly every kind of establishment and attraction - shop, restaurant, museum, musical, play, art gallery, etc. Oh, and all the non-cultural things too, I suppose
  • It's for practically every type of person - it can cater to everyone
  • It has the only MAC Pro shop in the country - yeah, that's still important, even to a non-makeup-wearing person like me
  • There are probably more coffee shops than toilets, but that could be a problem as coffee is a diaretic... oh well!
  • It's the capital of everything (maybe not everything in the world, but a lot revolves around it)
  • It can be expensive, but it's completely worth it
  • You can just spend all day travelling around the various districts
  • Soho - camp (which is a bad thing), very seedy but with many sushi restaurants and an amazing frozen yoghurt place -Snog
  • There are loads of Japanese supermarkets and shops - it's hardly a surprise that most of the money that I spend goes on food, is it?
  • It has strange but occasionally fascinating things like the fourth plinth exhibition
  • You can find every personality, nationality, language, race and culture there
  • It's wonderful to be there whether you're with, parents, friends, grandparents etc. Just don't go with school - it kind of ruins the London experience
  • It moulded me -oh, where would I be without London? I'd have hated to not have had at least some time somewhere lovely before begrudgingly moving to this place

I could go on, but let's leave it there, shall we?

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