Thursday, July 29, 2010

That's a novelty

This October, for my aunt's 50th birthday, my family and I are going to a rather luxurious hotel (especially compared to what I'm used to - Travelodge et al.), and the dress code - set by my aunt - is strictly formal.

For a female, formal is of course code for a dress, coiffed hair, and maybe some heels if you can walk in them. This will certainly be a new experience for me, considering that I haven't worn anything resembling a dress/skirt for around nine years. I don't know how I'll fare, but there's really no choice.

I thought the dress would be a good place to start, and while I haven't even gotten round to buying the normal clothes that I'm in desperate need of for college, I can always do a bit of online window shopping.

Topshop and A|wear are as far as my shopping ventures have extended as yet, but after a quick browse it seems like they might have some appropriate dresses. I intend to post some of my favourites, but perhaps not all now as I have a sex education programme featuring the comedian who played Little Cook in Big Cook Little Cook to watch.

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