Sunday, June 28, 2009

Avenue Q is on the radio :D

Avenue Q is my favourite musical ever (and I do love a lot of musicals) and it's on the radio right now! It's also the funniest musical I've ever seen, and having watched it 4 times I still plan to see it at least another two times in London. Have a look :)

Hence, I'm listening to the radio (which is a rare occurrence for me). Julie Atherton and Daniel Boys, both stars of the musical, are being interviewed and are each singing a song from the show at the moment. It's the first time I've heard Julie Atherton speaking out of character and it's quite strange as I didn't imagine her sounding like she does at all. I would call her accent quite a Yorkshire one, but the tone of her voice is very similar to that of Kate Monster's (one of the characters that she plays in the musical).

In other news, I have a follower! That's Hershi, so now we have a follower each. It means quite a lot that she reads my blog, and I have the honour of being the first follower of her blog too! It's working out well.

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  1. Julie is a Lancashire Lass!! ... not wanting to start the war of the roses!
    i too listened to the show and think she is Fab!