Friday, June 19, 2009

We must start somewhere...

...And that's here. And that's me a couple of years getting stuck in the mud. Or dancing - you choose. Hi, I'm Abby and I currently have green nails and pink hands, because:

1) I had to paint my nails green on a moving coach on the way to a Young Enterprise final. My friend Nattakan lent the green nail varnish to me because our company is eco-friendly therefore green seems like a logical colour. Young Enterprise aims to provide young would-be entrepreneurs an opportunity to start a business. My team (in which I'm the Human Resources director) had already beaten eight teams in various other competitions, all of which were older than us, but we didn't win this time. Oh well; it's a huge amount of pressure lifted off of us as we would have had to compete in London in the National Finals against the best schools in the country. So the Young Enterprise dream is over. However, we did win the award for best Health and Safety which I'm pleased about as that was one of my responsibilities.

2) I'm probably too hygienic and wash my hands very frequently especially before and during the use of my laptop. My hands are extremely sensitive to liquid soaps and flare up in a bright pink colour, so though I try to use bar soaps whenever possible the horrific pink school soap that smells of smoke and can't even neutralise food odours on hands is still present in my life on a daily base.

Oh... you wanted to know a little more about me, didn't you? I turned 15 nearly a month ago but I've postponed any birthday celebration or opening of most presents. I don't know when I will decide to hold my birthday, but I don't want to have it now because I'm not entirely happy with life at the moment and I'd like to let thing clear a little in my head before I attempt to celebrate a seemingly joyous occasion.

Regarding the nail varnish, fortunately green is my favourite colour so I don't mind it. But I do think it might be a bit too warm-toned for me. Normally I have a neutral skin tone (and always very pale - I don't allow myself to tan and I doubt I would significantly anyway being of typical Irish colouring) however the pink in my hands contrasts with the warmer green colour.

From birth to the age of 4, nearly 5, I lived in Islington, London. It was just me and my parents in a one-bedroom flat. I didn't even have my own bed, but it was amazing. I don't remember that much of my life there, but I recall enough to know that I don't fit in where I live now. My mother had acquired quite a Southern accent from living there for a few years and because she read to me in this accent I picked it up myself. I never lost that voice even though I've lived here for 10 years.

I've always wanted to move back to London but in recent weeks the desire has gotten much stronger and I'm almost beginning to despise where I live. I know it could be so much worse, but when you're the 'posh' girl who loves museums, art galleries, theatre, coffee shops, libraries, fine dining it can be difficult. Of course, I like all the more normal teenage activities too such as parties, shopping and sleepovers. And thankfully I have an amazing group of friends who never fail to amuse me. I love walking through school and just saying 'Hi' to everyone I know. Some people are truly lovely.

Sorry, I'll try and keep these blog posts much shorter. I'm off to play The Sims 3. It's oddly fulfilling.

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