Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hershi :)

A girl I know. A rather fantastic one, actually. The odd thing is that in many ways we're complete opposites.

Okay, we do have some similarities, such as:
  • We both really, REALLY love cats
  • We love photography almost as much as that
  • We're both quite intelligent
  • We both do stupid things from time to time
  • We're both extremely clumsy
  • We both like Little Boots
  • We both love to dance to weird techno dance music
But in many other ways we're incredibly different:
  • Me - extrovert, Hershi - introvert
  • Me - loves change and variety in days, Hershi - hates disruption of routine
  • Me - very good at reading people, Hershi - finds this difficult
  • Me - has basically lived in skinny jeans out of school for the past year, Hershi - doesn't like jeans
  • Me - very private person, Hershi - more willing to talk openly about things
  • Me - loves spiders, Hershi - scared of them
  • Me - likes alternative music (e.g. Regina Spektor), Hershi - likes a lot of heavy metal
  • Me - likes loud atmospheres such as concerts and parties, Hershi - doesn't so much
  • Me - never really in a state of 'hyperness', just happiness, Hershi - gets hyper a lot
  • Me - loves all bright colours, doesn't wear much black at all, Hershi - wears mostly black with bits of red and dark purple

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  1. Haha, of course, it must be mentioned that the reason I'm so open about things it that I am a very poor judge of what makes something appropriate to talk about. If I had found out sooner that certain topics were considered a social taboo, I never would have gotten into the habit of discussing them. As it is, I have reached the ripe old age of 15 with the idea firmly ingrained in my subconscious that it is perfectly fine to discuss bowel movements, menstruation, sex and traumatic experiences. In any case, it's more interesting than talking about the weather. XD