Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Wolff Family

Warning - if you don't play the Sims 3 or have no interest in it, this blog post may not be very entertaining. For those of you that do and/or are, read on...

The Wolff family are a pre-made family on the Sims 3, living in a large, modern and beautifully decorated house with 25000 Simoleons as funds. The family consists of Morgana Wolff - an workaholic, family-orientated, artistic, good and charismatic young adult Sim working in the Medicine career - who's married to Thornton Wolff - an ambitious, perfectionist, frugal Sim who dislikes children, has commitment issues and works in the Business career. Both are young adults and have rather contrasting desires in life; Morgana loves children, Thornton doesn't. So, guess the first thing I did in this game?

Yes, I took Morgana's side and forced pro-creation on Thornton >:) Days later, they returned from the hospital with a daughter, Claryssa. Daughter Cleo and son Clement followed, so they ended up having quite a hectic lifestyle, having to balance demanding careers and even more demanding children. All children aged well throughout the life stages and in general they were quite a perfect family, despite Thornton's mood meter taking a dip whenever he spent time with his beloved children.

Though I don't exactly share this view in real life as of now, I love my Sims having children in the Sims 3. Okay, so babies are deadly boring, it takes a long time to teach toddlers everything and growing up is terribly slow, the clothes and hairstyles for children are vomit-worthy and I find it near-impossible to help a teen balance school and a part-time job, but I find children a very important part of this game. I can honestly admit that I don't remember a family on any Sims game where I haven't thought about them having children, even if I give up before getting to that stage. I love seeing how the generations progress, the features children inherit and how far my family's come since that first flirt that the parents shared.

More so, I adore the Wolff family. I've experimented with many other households, but all feel boring compared to my precious family which is nearing the third generation. I don't think I've ever been this committed to a game, and I must have played over thirty Sim days. A Sim day is 24 minutes, meaning that I've played over 720 minutes of this family. That's at least 12 hours. It doesn't feel nearly that fast during the play of the game, but it's only when I glance over at my clock that I realise how much of my day I've frittered away on the Sims 3. As long as I still have time for revision, homework, coursework, family, socialising, reading, drama, eating, sleeping, excreting, showering, tooth-brushing, music and everything else, that's fine with me :D

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