Saturday, June 20, 2009

Struggling to gather the words

Lots happened today, namely shopping in town for a friend's birthday. It was fun, but it's not what I want to talk about now as I have something deeper that I have to get from my brain to my fingers to text.

Yesterday in school we received our reports with all our grades on. I was pleased with mine as it consisted completely of A and A* grades (A* is the highest grade you can get in GCSE exams). These grades will be passed on to sixth form colleges that I apply to, so I'm confident I'll get in to a good one.

A girl in my class, Kacey, who's not the most academic student and didn't have any A or A* grades on her report, told me that she wished that she could be like me. This really touched me and I felt incredibly flattered. I told her that she could with some hard work and dedication and gave her a big, appreciative smile. I truly belive that given the right help, support, time and motivation she could.

On a side note, I removed the green nail varnish and as yellow is a more dominant colour in this shade of green than blue it's stained my nails a ghastly shade of yellow. I hid my fingers in shame today, fearful that others would accuse me of smoking. Eugh, smoking is one of the most revolting habits around. I even bought some sheer pastel pink nail varnish today just to neutralise the yellow in case the staining stays around for school.

Regina Spektor is probably my favourite singer ever and as of late I've been even more obsessed with her. I think she's going to end up persuading me to learn to play the piano and write my own songs. If you haven't heard her new song 'Laughing With' yet, listen now. It's just so beautiful. I'd rarely call a song beautiful, but everything by Regina is.

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