Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bypass the hearts

It's a bit ridiculous how so many single people are complaining and sighing deeply and conspicuously just because they'll be without a lover on Valentine's Day. So what? As most will agree, the day of Cupid, hearts, flowers, chocolates et al is a giant marketing ploy tailored to fuel our over-consumption and make us feel all romantic (if cliche is romantic) for a day . Considering this, why do we still mope and pity ourselves simply because we're lacking a partner? And besides, it's Chinese New Year tomorrow! There's no sense writing emo-poetry and sobbing into your loveless lap when you could be enjoying some chow mein and egg fried rice while watching the fireworks. Let's get some perspective and sense here - it's the 21st Century in which it's perfectly acceptable to remain single, marry young or old, never get married, date younger or older or outside your race, love someone of the same sex and generally do your own thing without being judged. And being alone on Valentine's Day is simply another one of these things.

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