Monday, February 8, 2010

It's funny how concerned I am about self-preservation

For example:
  • I probably wouldn't wear high heels regularly because of the horrific bunions they can cause
  • I don't like wearing heavy earrings because they can lead to misshapen, stretched earlobes
  • I'm incredibly meticulous about every aspect of personal hygiene, especially dental care
  • The idea of wearing foundation doesn't appeal to me because of its pore-clogging effect
  • I spend a considerable amount of money on skincare
  • I don't listen to loud music because I'd hate to lose part (or all) of my hearing
  • I vehemently refuse to eat food even a day out of date because food poisoning is a frightening prospect
  • I take vitamins C and D everyday and sometimes have an extra multivitamin, just as supplements
  • I do regular brain exercises to stay mentally fit (yes, perhaps I should pay a little more attention to the physical side sometimes, but I do walk regularly and eat healthily most of the time so that's something)

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