Monday, February 15, 2010

'That's some next pencil case'

Oh, Drama. The only place where you can find such a diverse range of people, including those who are perfectly willing to criticise your sensible pencil case (and who you must admit are a tad bit chavvy)

Returning to my group, decided by the teacher, I opened my pencil case to dig around for something with a bit of ink left in it. At this point, I was greeted with the phrase 'That's some next pencil case' from a girl who seemed to see a pencil case purely as a place to slap the Playboy Bunny logo onto.

Now, I can't say I really know what 'next' means, but having perused Urban Dictionary it seems to have many meanings, some of the most prevalent being stupid, crazy, random or shit.

Granted, my pencil case is no an opulent wonder. It's plain black, with a handle at the top and when carried from this it looks like a mini briefcase. It has no patterns, flowers, hearts, words or slutty rabbits logos, but has pockets inside to keep pens in place and came with a bonus mesh zipper bag which I use to store coloured pens. It may not be fashionable, and admittedly it is hugely practical, but it's lasted me over 18 months and has served me faithfully, so I don't see how it can be labelled stupid, crazy, random or shit.

Therefore, slightly-chavvy-girl, your comment is invalid. My pencil case is not 'next' and will do its duties long after your Playboy offering is holed and stained.

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  1. The Playboy logo is something that's always bothered me greatly. Who in their right mind would buy a pencil case with a logo on it that, if I am correct, is also the logo of a porn magazine? Eugh. In any case, I've always liked your pencil case.