Sunday, February 14, 2010

Currently, I quite like simultaneous equations

I've just been running some through my head quickly.

Oh, and also I'd very much like a Periodic Table shower curtain: The only problem is, now we have a shower screen in the bath room so it would be useless. However, I'm still tempted to buy it and hang it in my room.

The aforementioned Chemistry homework did prove to be somewhat enjoyable. Granted, it was a little tedious answering multiple questions with exactly the same information, but I really do love anything scientific. I can't wait until A-level when it gets difficult and more interesting.

My desire to be a doctor is growing ever-stronger, and though it's a daunting prospect I really can envision myself applying for medical school. Prepare to sell a house, Daddy; it looks like I'm going to be in the education system for a lot longer. (I'm joking, but my parents did say that one of the houses we rent out is going to pay for my university fee so hopefully house prices will remain reasonable until then)

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