Thursday, February 18, 2010

I don't do small talk, but let's discuss the weather

So far this year, the snow has visited and left my city many times, however this is only its second genuine settling. Yet, as soon as the first few snowflakes floated down, the complaints began to waft up.

I know we all have different weather preferences, but unless the snow is could have a severely detrimental effect on our lives we really are foolish to complain. Come mid-March, assuming that Spring will then have spread itself fully across the UK, we may miss the snow. And what about those hideous summer heat waves? Though we often can't sufficiently predict what the future months hold weather-wise thanks to global warming, if the previous few years are anything to go by we can expect intense, sticky heat. Then we'll yearn for those precious few snowflakes that we once scorned.

In fact, how are we to know that the snow will return at all in the near future? It could be years, even decades, before we feel that satisfying crunch and heart-fluttering slip under our feet again.

Personally, I've never been fond of warm weather. It's very restricting to know that there are only so many layers that you can take off to cool yourself, whereas there are always more garments to be put on. Besides, I like the security and comfort of wearing a coat. Who cares about that green jumper and standard blue jeans that I've worn time and time again if they're concealed by a rich, regal teal-coloured coat?

It would be wonderful to choose the weather, and though I know I'd eventually tire of this combination, my current ideal is heavy rain from April to September and a generous snowfall from October to March. Yes, a lovely, British, cold and wet climate, minus the occasional heat waves we experience. Actually, in general I really do love the unpredictability and spontaneity of Britain's weather.

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