Friday, July 17, 2009

Allow me to review

Plans for the summer. Let's see...

I wanted to go to a Youtube gathering and meet some of the people I'm subscribed to, but I don't make Youtube videos so I'd feel a bit strange doing that. I'm determined to go to the next gathering if I decide to make some kind of videos.

I think Hershi's coming round at some point. I'll probably see another friend, Adie, fairly soon, too.

I know I'm seeing Avenue Q for the fifth time soon :D

I must visit Sam, a friend who I have now known for 9 years :O Wow. That's well over half my life. In fact, he was one of my first friends that I made when I moved to where I live now from London. It's people like him, Hershi, Adie and all my other closest friends that make me appreciate moving here.

Also, Lucy. She's in Great Ormond Street Hospital at the moment, (hopefully) receiving treatment for a very complex and painful ear condition. She's the youngest person in the world to have this, so it's incredibly difficult to treat. When she's out and (again, hopefully) better, I need to see her.

I plan to write an article/column for a newspaper as per the suggestion of my parents. Maybe something about food, or life.

I've got to do History, English and Drama coursework. It doesn't seem that bad.

I plan to lead my Sims 3 family, the Wolffs which has now become the Crumplebottoms (yeah, stupidly I did it the old-fashioned way by accident) to the 10th generation. Yes, it's very ambitious, but I love this family. I at least want to see a sim go from birth to death. I've seen the oldest member of the family die, but I only watched him grow from Young-adulthood. The family is currently in the 3rd generation and I've never gotten this far before :D

Okay, on an unrelated note, the title of this blog is now defunct. My hands have miraculously become reistant to excessive washing and are now a relatively normal colour, and my nails have been bare for a long time. Oh dear.

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