Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I am under the firm belief that one of the best things anyone a little unhappy with life can do is to make a list of the good things in life. At least 10.

1) I'm fortunate. I have amazing family and friends, lovely pets, solid shelter, a warm bed, three meals a day, unlimited hot and cold water, good health, adequately fitting clothes and shoes, my own room, an education, a computer, a TV, books, toiltetries, music, holidays, money, opportunities etc.

2) I'm surrounded by people who support me and encourage me to try new things even when I'm doubtful that I'll be good enough.

3) I have good GCSE grades and should be able to get into the college of my choice.

4) I have a follower :D

5) I have the belief that though my dreams are ambitious and often outlandish, they're still achievable.

6) I'm quite tall, my hair's very healthy with no split ends though I haven't cut it in two years, my cheekbones are well-defined and I have a fast metabolism.

7) I've found a hobby that I love so much I'd be willing to do it forever as a career.

8) I mean something to people.

9) I always have London to return to.

10) I'm going to see Avenue Q in a month and 5 days :D

And, now that I think about it, there are quite a few more things, but that's enough for now. I may also start stating three things that have been good about each day. Okay, for today:

1) I went to a Chinese buffet and had two full plates of yummy (but quite unhealthy) food...

2) ...BUT I walked to and from town so that counts as some exercise

3) Sims 3 is progressing and two of my characters are well on the way to achieving their lifetime wishes :)

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