Friday, July 17, 2009

Everyone's going to Norway

Well, hyperbolically speaking. In reality, it's actually only 6 people that I know/know of. Still, quite a high concentration.

In other news, the summer school drama piece turned out amazing. It was particularly impressive seeing as they are 10-14 year olds, some of which have never done real drama before, who have a week to construct a play.

I was convincewd that it was going to be the least cohesive thing I'd ever seen on stage - it had pirates, sci-fi and an amalgamation of monologues, duologues and other little pieces set in the woods, at train stations and airports and in a tailor's shop - but incredibly it all worked in the end. Occasionally bits were forgotten but me, Amber and the two teachers were there at the back to remind them.

Overall, I was very proud.

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