Saturday, July 11, 2009


Perhaps I sometimes worry excessively because I know what's going to happen so I'm given an opportunity to dread it. Maybe my life would work out better for me if it was more spontaneous. Then again, one can always be apprehensive about the uncertainty of the future.

People tell me that I'd look pretty with straightened hair and makeup, but then isn't that just saying that my mask is pretty, and not the actual me? Therefore, I feel most honoured when someone compliments my appearance when I have my hair up in a ponytail.

I secretly really, really, enjoy watching makeup videos on Youtube even though I don't wear any makeup.

I already dislike the dusting of a tan that the sun has given me with a few sprinkles of burning. This is odd considering I have been regularly applying SPF 25 suncream.

I wash my hair everyday unless I have no intention of leaving the house. And I'm very meticulous about my showering and toothbrushing habits, also.

There are so many people that I see and think 'I want to be you' but I realise that even if their life seems to be much better than mine, there's always an attribute of myself that I wouldn't be willing to give up just to be someone else. Well, nearly always.

How do I have 49 profile views? Hmm, interesting.

I really want to start making Youtube videos, but I'm still unsure about it. I'd like to be part of the nerdfighter community (not people who fight nerds, rather nerds that fight, but not literally... oh, just go her

I'd quite like to go to Alton Towers after having to go to Drayton Manor for 3 years.

More people should really own cats.

Only 3 more years that I have to stay here, only one more year at secondary school.

A friend's rabbit just died :(

That's all for now.

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  1. "How do I have 49 profile views? Hmm, interesting."

    I think if you view your own blog when you're signed off it counts towards your page views. Also, there's a chance that random strangers have been viewing your blog. Then of course there's the fact that I've viewed your blog a few times too.