Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A day with Hershi

It was really nice :) Fun, and rather interesting, too. She came round and we ate pizza and various other things. That was when we weren't doing quizzes on the internet. I've learned that I'm incredibly neuro-typical. Me and Hershi almost always had opposite answers which was very intriguing. Hershi also filmed one of my cats, Driss Fatih (the fat, deaf one), licking some cream out of a tub and then cleaning herself. It was very amusing because she has a fat face and the cream tub was long and thin so she ended up coating the floor and herself in the substance. She was definitely the cat that got the cream after that!

Also, another proverb occurred when my other cat, Mitty (the lean, normal but slightly aggressive and incredibly fussy and fickle), went inside my Primark bag but then went out, so the cat was let out of the bag.

I think reading Post Secret and listening to Regina Spektor go incredibly well together.

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  1. Well, this at least proves that intelligence/giftedness has nothing to do with social capabilities.

    I'm still deciding whether to show mum the results of the quiz during the holidays or wait until she has been to a consultant about her stomach problems. On the one hand, if I wait and let her sort out her health problems it'd be more polite. On the other hand, there's no telling how long it will take before her problems are sorted out and mine (while not physical) are permanant.

    On a lighter note, your cats are adorable and I'd love to do a video of Mitty at some stage to go with the videos of Driss Fatih. :D