Monday, July 20, 2009

If I was ever going to use the title 'Breaking Free' for a blog post, it would be now

For the majority of my life, most people around me have thought of me as a goody-two-shoes, sensible, mature, intelligent person. Those who got to know me better discovered that I could also be very silly and daft, and quite funny, too. My closest relatives and friends know I'm not always the reserved individual adhering tenaciously to all rules and regulations.

Honestly, in the past year I've tried to show my rebellious side a bit more when appropriate. I worry that if I always obey every rule my life will turn out fairly boring. Marilyn Monroe did say 'Well behaved women rarely make history'. That's true. One doesn't have to be a criminal, just a little devious from time to time. Stray from the norm, experiment and take risks along the way.

I've done a few things that some would consider 'bad' in my time, such as:
  • Every time I went to town with Sam when we were about 11/12, we had pretend coughing fits at smokers
  • I posted a crisp packet through a letter box because I saw something similar on the Peep Show
Well, there's plenty of time to break the rules (within reason) in the future :)

:O What a coincidence?! That 'Bad to the bone' song just came on!

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