Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another reason to love Drama (the acting kind)

Today in Drama we did a lot of improvisation and warm-up games. One of the most fun is when everyone adopts a character and an improvisation takes place in a particular situation, usually transport. These characters are taken through various emotions and phases, instructed by the teacher. Today it was on a cruise that all characters had won as a prize. My character was incredibly snobby and turned her nose up at the 'common' cruise, constantly professing that she could afford so much better. She was horrified to discover that champagne and caviar were not served, and could not cope without her milk bath that she expected to have run for her by the staff.

At one point, the scenario was that everyone had just gotten their period and the captain was the only man. It was incredibly funny (I think you'd have to be there) with everyone either filled with rage, pain, misery or a combination of the three. The best part was the captain trying to cope with the whole situation. I just hope I'm never on an all-women cruise where everyone has their period.

Last day of school tomorrow :) Then a 7 week summer. I just hope I can sort things out and be the me I really want to be by the end of it.

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