Thursday, July 16, 2009

Music and miscellaneous...ities

I love this song at the moment. Probably always. Particularly the steel drums. It's incredibly hedonistic.

Originally I heard the song on the radio through the wall separating my bedroom and the office. I vividly remembered hearing the phrase 'Shock shock horror horror' and thankfully through that I found it.

Generally, I don't like 'old' music much. That previous song, from the 90s, is about as far back as it extends. Except for this.

Today, just as I was savouring my ability to stay in bed at 9.30 am, my mum came into my room with a phonecall from my drama teacher. I'd signed up to help with a drama summer school for Gifted and Talented children and she needed my help today and tomorrow. I agreed and promptly got ready and rushed to my school, hair still rather wet. Thankfully, a friend from my drama class, Amber, was also there so I wasn't completely swamped by children aged between 10 and 13.

It was strange feeling different and having authority, but good. Everyone thought we were some kind of drama professionals... That is until I fulfilled my childhood dream of rolling down the sloping purple corridor at school.

I think we did help the performers with their pieces. I could tell they already had a lot of potential and will be good in further drama opportunities. One girl in particular, Bethany, seemed mature beyond her years and very independent. She knew hor to lead her group, however there were a few arguments when she was accused of being bossy.

It's their performance tomorrow and Amber and I may have to take some parts in it but that's fine. We're working on a Sci-fi voiceover thing so I better go and devise that now.

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