Friday, July 24, 2009

Could things be working out, maybe?

I didn't do much today. First I ate BBQ beans and fried mashed potato and then my mum went to town and I basically just watched TV from then on. First I watched 'You Have Been Watching' which takes a cynical look at some of the TV of the week. That was amusing and made me want to watch the programme in which an elephant, a crocodile, a giraffe and a whale are dissected. Next I watched 'The TNT Show' which is puerile according to my dad, and I kind of agree, however it's still mildly enjoyable though a bit too scripted to allow any of the presenters' potential and latent charisma shine through.

After that was a programme about the world's oldest mothers who were impregnated via IVF. It does seem very wrong for a 70-year-old women to carry a baby and I think the upper age limit for IVF should be about 50 or perhaps 55 at a push. The concept of this does seem a bit strange to me as these women's eggs have been used up so they have to use donor eggs and that, of course, makes them not the biological mother at all. However, I'm not against adoption and it's a similar idea in that respect.

Finally, I watched a programme called 'Boob Job - My Big Decision' which followed two girls, one 17, one 13(!), who wanted breast implants and embarked on a journey which tried to put them off it. In the end it worked and it was very intriguing however some of the links that were made between wanting larger breasts and other factors in their life were a bit sketchy.

I'm supposed to be going bike-riding with Sam this weekend but I don't know what day or anything like that. But it sounds nice. I'm going to London from Monday to Wednesday which will, of course, be good. London's never disappointed me, hence the reason that I'm determined to live there from the age of 18.

In London, I want to go to a proper sushi restaurant. Not just Yo! Sushi. I'd love to go to Nobu, but I doubt they'd have many vegetarian options. Might see some celebrities in there, though.

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