Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Have an open mind

Providing that a faith or religion has a positive outlook on life and can exist in harmony with the rest of the world, I respect it. I just really wish that people could respect a lack of religion, too.

I'm agnostic and would need solid scientific evidence to believe in a religion. And I fully believe in evolution because there is solid scientific evidence to prove it. It's not just 'silly monkeys' as some misinformed religious people believe. Religion and evolution can coincide.

In other news, I went to Drayton Manor today for the end-of-school-year trip. It was fun, but rife with chavs. Without doubt, I prefer Alton Towers. I went there with school in Year 7, but ever since then we've always gone t0 Drayton Manor. It's getting boring now. Thankfully, that's the last time I'll have to go.

I just found out something which perhaps I shouldn't have ;)

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