Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Call me controversial...

But is wearing swim wear, even a one piece, much less risky and dangerous than posting provocative and revealing pictures on social networking profiles?

Obviously, a sports swimming costume offers much more coverage than a skimpy bandeau bikini, however we still must consider the fast that at the bare minimum the entire leg area is out and much more can be shown when venturing into the fashion swimsuit territory.

It's not that I hate my body, it's just that I ask myself these questions: would I go out in public wearing my underwear? No. Would I post pictures of myself in my underwear on social networking sites? No. So why would I feel comfortable when I'm wearing the same amount of material in front of however many swimmers at a swimming pool or beach? We all have the picture of old, perverse men glued to their computer screens ogling teenage girls' profiles on Myspace or Facebook, but really what's to stop these men taking themselves out to public locations where it's customary to wear very little? And who can stop them looking? Nothing and no one.

I love swimming and I'd never really considered this comparison before, but sometimes I do wish that swimming costumes were made in the shape of actual clothes that I feel completely comfortable in. Even something dress-like. Just not the bare minimum. And no, I don't want a tan either.

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