Saturday, October 10, 2009

22:22 is good

22:22 is good.
Strangely good.
I've always liked that time.
I wish for everything I could want
When I see those numbers on my clock.
It's almost perfect.
Two to the power of four.
Two add two add two add two.
Four divided by two is two.
Two add two is four.
It's so even.
Fortunately, it's not perfect.
Perfection is a boring idea.
It's not perfect
Because it never lasts.
It's always transient.
But it's good.
A rather good time.

PLEASE NOTE: This really wasn't meant to be poetry (that would be awfully pretentious of me), I just felt that it would be nice to spread it out in this structure becuase it consists of many short, staccato bursts of words.

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