Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sorry, I NEED one

(Again, if you're Sara there's a post dedicated to you further down the page)

I could not imagine life without a shower. I feel I have to have a shower before I go out otherwise I feel ill and paranoid.

I'm going to Ireland on Tuesday and during the holiday we're having the bathroom refurbished. I asked for it to be done in this time so I wouldn't have to suffer the horror of not having a shower or at least a bath.

However, the refurbishment is going to start on Tuesday morning meaning that, should I stay at home until I have to leave for Ireland, I would be unable to have a shower until I got to to the hotel.

Therefore, I plan to stay at my grandparents' house on Monday night so I can have a shower in the morning (oh, and to spend time with them too, of course!). They will then drop me off at the train station.

Also, I plan to sneak my science books into my bag so I can revise on holiday. This probably seems ridiculous by mock exams are a month and 10 days away and the marks go towards my predicted grades so I really want to do well.

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