Sunday, October 18, 2009


It's odd looking at pictures of myself from when I was under 7. I was really thin. Thin. I don't really remember ever being less than normal size, so to see pictures of clothes that looked to big for my slight frame is really strange.

However, this thinness soon faded. From the ages of around 8 to 12 I was chubby. Not exactly overweight, probably not fat, just a normal level of chubby. I significantly remember noticing that I was bigger than everyone else - not just in height, but in size, too. Despite this, body image was never a concern to me. I accepted my chubbiness and resigned myself to the fact that I would just be intelligent, funny, kind and, in my eyes, a bit fat - you can't have it all, can you?

So imagine the shock when at approximately 13 years old, my body evened out and everything was suddenly in proportion. I was left with only a little bit of fat but that was normal and I felt right.

I don't own a set of scales, but I know that my weight and size fluctuate. That's fine as I have much more important things to care about than my waist size. I've promised myself something for this academic year - I don't care if I get bigger or smaller in the coming months as long as I achieve my best possible grades. Besides, I love food far too much to diet.

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