Monday, October 5, 2009

Remember Theme Hospital?

Ah, I loved that game :) Introduced to me (like a lot of things I currently/used to love) by Sam. It had those ridiculous illness like bloating of the head caused by drinking rain water. It had a real sense of urgency so you really felt like you needed to make your hospital amazing and save the patients.

And, oh, look at the system requirements: Pentium 75MHz processor, 8MB RAM (16MB if played on Windows XP), 1MB graphics card, 55MB hard drive space.

8MB RAM?! Ha ha... Simpler times :)

Hmm, maybe that's why hospitals intimidate me. Note: not scare, intimidate.

Actually, there was a little something about Theme Hospital that scared me, but in a good way.

Ooh, speaking of that, I do have a confession to make. On Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 I absolutely hated looking at the huge open area of grass when you haven't built much on your park or even if you have but didn't manage to fill it up. Wow, that actually scared me so much. I'm not joking - if I was previewing the ride by watching it from the point of view of the rider I actually had to look away if you could see the open grass for more than a second. Hence the reason that I built rides fast, but well, in order to fill up my park and make it less scary.

So, yes, I had a minor fear of games of that genre, but still loved playing them. A bit like roller coasters, I suppose. Well, now I see how that relates :)

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