Thursday, October 29, 2009

For once, I'm actually going to write about my day...

Because it's gone surprisingly well. English was neutral, I suppose. I annotated the poem 'To A Mouse' (which is where the name of 'Of Mice And Men' came from) and then had a double lesson of Spanish, with a 20 minute break in the middle. In the break I rehearsed my Drama piece with my group which accounts for 30% of my final Drama GCSE grade.

After Spanish I had French, and for some this may seem like an overload of languages. But I love French and Spanish and want to learn many more languages. In fact, considering I have Drama last lesson, Thursday would be my perfect day if I had Biology instead of English.

Anyway, Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama. We were supposed to have had six hours of lesson time to devise the final piece and it had to be 10 minutes or less. There were some problems with attendance but fortunately we had times at lunch time and after school to practise, too. One girl didn't attend many extra sessions and was being really difficult but we just wrote her a small part and got on with it.

Having eaten nothing all day, I performed it at 2.20 pm (I was the main character, playing a woman with Munchausen by proxy who ended up causing her daughter's liver failure) and all in all it went well. I think one of the lines may have been missed out but no one noticed. I'm just happy that it's over now because it was quite stressful. At one point I actually had a nightmare that we were performing and everything went wrong so I ended up crying. I'm so glad that didn't actually happen.

Overall, it's been quite good. But this will by no means be a regular feature of my blog.

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