Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh, to have an alternative mother

The second round of the HPV injections are tomorrow and once again I'm not having them. My mother and I are both strongly opposed to these vaccinations specifically so I will be sitting and watching as everyone gets stabbed in the arm with a needle. I try to empathise but it's not an easy feat when I haven't had a vaccination since I was a few months old so do not remember the feeling.

It's weird - I felt strange, unsafe and awkward occasionally in Dublin (where I was from Tuesday to Friday), but now having reflected on my experience it was enjoyable. However, it's no London and can't even compare. I like capital cities that have tube trains and a great theatre culture. Dublin does have some great restaurants, though, such as Yamamori - noodles and sushi, Cornucopia - vegetarian and vegan and the restaurant at the Chester Beaty library - Mediterranean and Greek.

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