Friday, October 16, 2009

Teacher Abby

(If you're Sara, there's a post dedicated to you after this one)

In Maths today everyone was asking me for help with surds at once so I ended up teaching the class on the interactive white board. It was quite fun, actually. And apparently they understood it so that's great :)

It's half term now, which is rather good but I have loads of work to do. Let's review:
* English Language - second half of the Derek Bentley letter
* Chemistry - some questions which are in my planner but I can't remember them at the moment
* Biology - see above
* Physics - mark homework
* French - write first draft of coursework and fill in Oral booklet
* Spanish - write one minute presentation and fill in Oral booklet
* Drama - roughly devise script
* Revision in general - all three sciences, languages, RS Short Course, possibly History and techniques for answering English Language questions

Oh, and I'll be in Ireland from Tuesday to Friday so my holiday's going to be packed. I'm not going to have a social life but that's fine. The things due in for Monday are the English letter, Physics and French (oh, and I have Drama on Monday so I'll write the script before then), so:
* I'll try to do the English letter this weekend
* I'll at least make a start on the French homework - maybe do the coursework before Ireland and the Oral booklet after
* The Drama script is just to be written whenever I have the ideas - this could be in the middle of the night
* The Physics homework shouldn't take more than half an hour so that can be done next weekend
* I'm going to try to make some revision notes/flash cards so I can revise on holiday, specifically for science

The rest of the homework can be done the week back at school because it's due in at some point in that week and not the Monday back. I can do this.

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