Monday, October 12, 2009

Autumn's pleasant

The crisp cold, the first time you can see your breath, the flushed pink cheeks. Oh, and my hands turn an interesting combination of coral and purple. It's lovely, really.

There's something about autumn/winter coats - they exude sophistication (if they're the right cut and colour, obviously) even when paired with casual clothing.

I went to a sixth-form college open day on Saturday. It was... nice. The scinece department was good, but the rest was uninspiring. The rooms were dull and the curtains looked like they were as old as me. I just knew it wasn't right. Oh, and the languages department was small and unimpressive which is a definite no. I love languages too much for that. Well, it didn't chane my decision at all - I'm going for my original choice of college.

Some people who take art for GCSE at my school have just got back from their trip to Cornwall. Now, I love art galleries and really want to see the Eden Project but I'd hate to be constantly skecthing and that's what they seemed to be doing. This only reinforces my choices of Drama and Spanish (two of my favourite subjects, too).

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