Saturday, October 10, 2009

I've been thinking...

What if I had to describe myself in 10 statements? What would I say? Okay, so, some things people might like/need to know:

1) I'm very cynical, pedantic, stubborn and argumentative. And that'll never change.

2) I don't have a dirty mind and I'm not crude, but that doesn't mean I'm naive.

3) I'm fairly reserved and a closed person so it's unlikely that I'll express any deep or significant feelings at the time of having them to anyone around me.

4) I'm a vegetarian, but I don't expect to convert anyone. Just accept my lifestyle and I'll accept yours. However, I draw the line at fur and animal testing on cosmetics.

5) Don't expect to be able to understand my ways of thinking or my excessive hand washing.

6) I'm extremely passionate about the things I love (Drama, Languages, ScienceS, sometimes Maths) and as I'm highly academic this can affect my social life. GCSEs are a high priority and nothing can change that. I'm prepared to sacrifice fun for that.

7) I like a lot of music but the only thing that I listen to at the moment is Regina Spektor. And, no, I haven't got bored of her songs.

8) My pensive face is not my worried face. But I do appreciate when people ask if I'm okay.

9) I have incredibly high will-power and can resist most temptation. Examples:
* I once went four years without cutting my hair. At the moment I've gone for 2 and a quarter years without having it cut.
* I haven't bought new clothes properly (apart from a couple of spare pairs of jeans) since February 2008.
* I postponed my birthday from this year which was in May and haven't even asked for anything from my parents yet.
* I gave up crisps (which used to be my favourite food) for nine weeks. This is a long time for a 12-year-old.
* I jumped on a trampoline 1000 times in a row for £5.

10) I hate prejudice and discrination of all kinds and will happily talk to anyone as long as they're pleasant.

I wish I could say that was about it, but there's a lot more that I wanted to right. Oh well, give it time.

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